2009년 행사실적
2010 KBL All-star
The Incheon athletic meet
LG Display year-end party
Ddukseom,Suncheon,Soyangdam laser program install
YONSEI University entrance ceremony
Nowon,Dobong,Eunpyeong festival
eul-ji hanbitstreet opening ceremony
Shipbuilding korea 2009
2008년 행사실적
LG CNS the Opening ceremony for the Year
Lotte Department Fashion Show
The Athletic Tournament for Gang-Won Tenant
DSME Workshop for Fresh Recruit
Toy Concert
Exhibition For Youth
2007년 행사실적
Pyung-Chang Winter Olympic PT
Kim Heung-Kook Dinner Show
Toured Korea 2007
PISAF Closing Ceremony
In-Chon English Village Proclamation Ceremony
Ul-San Rose Festival
Bu-Ye Baek-Je Culture Festival
2006년 행사실적
SamSung Electronics The Opening ceremony for the Year in Gumi
Lottery Club
Nam-Han Mountain Culture Festival
Buk-Kyung Happy Medical Appliance
Originality Challenge for Student
LG Sakers Opening Game of the Season
Ministry of Knowledge Economy Vision Proclamation