2000년 행사실적
Young-Dong Nan-Kay Festival
ORACLE Vision Proclamation
The World Title Match
Dae-Woo Securities
Sam-Sung C&T Business Fair
Milenium Party
1999년 행사실적
MBC Performance
HOT Live Concert
Filming the East-Seoul Art Commercial
Miss Korea Beauty Contest
Presentaion for World-Cup Emblem
Presentaion for SK Telecom TTL
Lotte Department Store Fashion Show
1998년 행사실적
Seoul Univercity Concert
AMWAY Business Fair
KMTV 017 Power Music Band
Kim Kyung-Ho Live Concert
Jeju-Island Culture Festival
JC National Conference
Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival
1997년 행사실적
KBL All-Star Games
Opening Event for Cummunication Service of 017
Celebration of The Winter UV Olympic
SamSung Electronics Music Concert
SBS Power FM Dream Concert
Opening Event for Ul-San UBS Station
Presentation SsangYong Motors' New Car That Name 0f Chair-Man
1996년 행사실적
Annual Dae-Jong Film Award
Hyun-Dai Stock Vision Proclamation
An Openning of TEAM2004 at Dongdaemun
An Openning of Keo-Pyung Preyaat Dongdaemun
Microsoft Festival
Kyung-Hee Univercity Festival
KEPCO Information Network
1995년 행사실적
Na-San Globalization Festival
A Meeting for the announcement ofDimple15
A Meeting for the announcement of Dimple15
SamSung Membership Training
Peace-Broadcasting Concert
Korean Mobile Communication Exhibition
KBS Korea Pop Music Award